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We are former professional gamers, current developers of blockchain, 2D and 3D games, advisors and more, working together for 5 years develiping projects for others, we decided to develop our own project because of various scams that our team suffered over time and we realized that we should start developing our own ideas and spreading them throughout the world.

With all this experience, we want to bring a unique new project to the market with the goal of bringing fun to everyone after a long day of work and possibly giving a secong income to our supporters and investors with thousands of NFT's of cars and accessories for you to customize as you like.

All Collection


Total Items in Collection

We have 24,000 variations of cars, colors, wheels, headlights and antennas for now, we will constantly release new updates, stay tuned.

Batches sale

Coming soon.

Spyder Race Partnership

In March 2022, we closed a great partnership with one of the biggest real racing brands in Brazil, Spyder Race, together we made a great event at Interlagos formula 1 track.

Roadmap Of Company

In our roadmap, we will always bring at least 4 cars per month and several new accessories for you to customize your cars. Also, we will always try to bring regional and world championships with various prizes and seasonal events in partnership with spyder Race, using real life race cars. Our marketing will always be one of our main focuses, always bringing new investors and players to our project and closing strategic partnerships with regional ambassadors and brands.























Phase 01


-Partnership closed with Spyder Race

-Closed event with influencers in partnership with the Crazy Battle X Spyder Race project at the Interlagos formula 1 track.

- Conception of the Crazy battle project

-Development of the Crazy Battle project started

-Because of the Ukrainian war and fear of the market, game development stopped

Phase 02

APRIL 2023

-Crazy Battle Project Development Resumed

Phase 03

MAY 2023

-All documentation ready


-Pitch deck


-Video teaser

-Game demo ready

Phase 04

JULY 2023

-Fundraising ( private sale )

-Sample strategy for the project launch

-Closed beta of Crazy Battle game

-Partnership with several international influencers

-Partnerships with ambassadors

-Strategic partnerships

-Public sale

Phase 05


-Pre marketing of the official launch of the token and the game

-Launch of Crazy Token

-Official release of the Crazy Battle game

-Aggressive post marketing

-CEX Listing

-New pack of NFT Cars

-NFT Marketplace

Phase 06


-Aggressive marketing

-New Track

-New Game mode

-New pack of NFT Cars

-Strategic partnerships

-Partnership with regional ambassadors


Phase 07


-Event at the interlagos formula 1 track, with several influencers, 6 real cars in partnership with Spyder Race, rides with the real race cars. If you have a professional driver's license, you can drive one of our prototypes

-BIG CEX Listing

-New game mode

-New pack of NFT Cars

Phase 08


-Crazy battle world championship, with live broadcast and cash prizes and many more prizes

-New Game mode

-New pack of NFT cars

-New track

-Mass adoption and huge developments of a Own Dex, Launchpad and more

Phase 09


-New pack of NFT Cars

-BIG CEX listing

-New airplane racing and airplane battle game mode

-Planes NFT's

-New Pack of NFT cars

-New tracks for Cars and Planes

Phase 10

Q1 2024

-Agressive Marketing

-Start of own Metaverse development, with all game modes available on VR

-Regional championships

-World Championships

-World adoption

Phase 11

Q2 2024

-Biggest NFT game on the Market

-1 Million active users

-New game mode

Token Distribution

Our project aims for maximum transparency and for all token allocations to be as fair as possible so that we can achieve our long-term goal of becoming one of the largest gaming projects on the cryptocurrency market.


Our Core Team

Our team includes experts in their respective fields, such as former professional player, analyst, head coach, winner of the Roberto Justus intern program, blockchain developers, designers, artists, 2D and 3D games, and more.

  • CEO, Former professional gaming head coach, Game analyst

    Sylvio "FeeFoo" Vincenzo

  • Winner of the apprentice, Mba California University

    Clodoaldo Araújo

  • Game Developer

    Aline Oliveira

  • Dev Web3, WebDeveloper

    Danilo Ericleia

  • Web Designer, Developer App

    Guilherme Santos

  • Game Developer, Designer Web

    Rafa Medeiros

  • Social Media & Digital Strategist

    Thyz Muszynsky

  • Advisor, Entrepreneur of web 3.0 games, business development.

    David Fogaça

  • Advisor



What is an NFT game?

An NFT game is a blockchain-based game that uses non-fungible tokens (NFTs) to represent unique digital assets such as characters, items, and in-game properties.

What is Crazy Battle?

Crazy Battle is a DEFI racing and battle game composed of several NFT's, aiming to bring fun to all our investors and supporters.

How does the system of economy?

Our economy consists of several game modes in which 90% of all money collected is redistributed and the remaining 10% is used to pay the costs of the game such as servers and development.

Are there any fees or commissions associated with NFT transactions in the game?

The only transactions in the game will be in buying and selling NFTs, both through our marketplace and by purchasing the chests and buying tokens and withdrawals, all the rest of the game uses a database with an internal token to avoid fees and bring speed and comfort to our supporters and investors.

In addition, yes, we will have commissions associated with NFT transactions, either within our marketplace or outside.

Which network is Crazy Battle on?

Our Crazy Battle project is on the Polygon network, and in the future we will have bridges to other networks.

Main focus.

Our main focus is to develop a balanced and consistent ecosystem, always bringing updates and keeping all old and new investors comfortable and satisfied with our way of working.

Project's vision.

Our project's vision is to make this project one of the biggest projects in the crypto market, giving maximum security and transparency to all our supporters and investors.

Projects mission.

Our mission is to bring entertainment and fun to our supporters and investors, while getting extra income according to their investment of time and determination.

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